Our school


Ms K Hedger

Deputy Principals

Mr M Toaetolu

Ms L Clowry

Head Teacher Administration

Mr P Brewster

Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning

Dr P Ganderton

Head Teacher - Secondary Studies

Mr M Gilmore


Ms G Simms

Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Ms K Pugliano

Year Advisors 2017

Year 7 - Mrs A De Freitas. Assistant - Mr J Wiggins

Year 8 - Mr B Denmeade. Assistant - Miss N Pickles

Year 9 - Mrs S Houghton. Assistant - Miss E Murphy

Year 10 - Mr J Binney. Assistant - Mr J Velasquez

Year 11 - Ms T Duncan. Assistant - Mrs S corscadden

Year 12 - Mrs A Bhatt. Assistant - Mr P Woodley



Faculty Head Teachers

English - Ms M Morrissey

Mathematics - Mr S Suters

Science/Agriculture - Mr R Emerton

PD/HPE - Mr A Ellis

HSIE - Mrs L Flegg

Languages - Mrs A De Freitas

TAS - Life Technology - Mrs L Robilliard

TAS - Industrial Arts - Mr B McMurdo

Creative & Performing Arts - Ms K Pugliano


Careers Advisors

Ms M Jackson

Mrs M Noonan



Mr L Brassil


School Counsellors

Ms E Krattli

Mrs K Kline


School Learning Support Officers

Mrs M Mariotto

Mrs T Smith

Mrs A Jenkinson



Mrs R Tasich - Administration Manager

Mrs N Pope - Relieving Administration Managaer

Mrs J Cservak

Mrs L D'Costa

Mrs D Gunn

Mrs L McClatchey

Mrs J Scholte

Mrs A Patterson - Science

Mrs S Flegg - Library

Mrs S King - Life Technology

Mr P Quinlan - TSO - Computers

Mrs S Hunter - Farm Assistant

Mr N Montgomery - General Assistant

Mr J Escobar - Cleaner




Elizabeth Macarthur High School is situated at Narellan, a fast growing semi rural area south west of Sydney. The school draws students from rural areas like Bringelly to the west and the urban areas immediately surrounding the campus. As a comprehensive co-educational high school, it has developed an excellent reputation particularly in the areas of creative and performing arts and agriculture. The school seeks to develop students who are confident, competent, competitive and caring within a supportive co-educational environment.